BOXO the new name for quality hand tools developped for the professional automotive and industrial markets. Benefitting from over 35 years of expertise in these industries manufacturing high quality tools and tool storage.

BOXO sponsering autoWe focus on product research, design, durability, quality control with a real life testing facility to make our customers need fulfilled. The creators of BOXO have developped this program of tools to suit all modern day requirements.


The core range incluides sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and pliers. Product kits are available in either the traditional blow mould/ metal cases or the more modern pre-cut foam inlays. The foam inlay storage system offers an efficient, clear way to organise the user’s tools; saving space, time, money and reducing losses.

This year BOXO started to make pneumatic tools and special auto repair tools to fulfil a bigger product range for the professional workshop and industrial customer. BOXO keeps working on improvement on product and service.

All BOXO products has been manufactured to meet or exceed ISO, DIN and other international standards. BOXO have brought their specialities together by providing quality tool storage with pre-selected tool kits, from the “basic” kit to the more “executive” comprehensive selections, there are a variety of options to choose from. BOXO tools are made for daily use to get the Job done.


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Or choose and create your own unique compilation of tool system modules, for your specific workshop or trade. For more information


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Or choose and create your own unique storage system, for your specific workshop or trade. For more information

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