Power-Start is manufactured in the UK and designed specifically for the professional user, the Power-Start high rate jump start pack is suitable for starting most 12V and 24V engines - automotive, air, marine and rail.


PowerStartfamilie vrijstaand

With safety in mind, each starter pack incorporates many safety features. Reverse polarity warning reduces the risk of wrongful connection whilst spike protection circuits reduce the risk of damage to the vehicle on-board electronic systems.

The on/off isolator switch ensures a safe connection due to non-live cable clamps and also avoids unintentional short circuit. Manufactured by a company with NATO certification, it’s not surprising that Power-Start is the professionals choice.


  • Various starting solutions for all 12V and 24V vehicles
  • Audible reverse polarity warning
  • On/Off isolator switches
  • Spike protection
  • High quality batteries and chargers
  • Recyclable polyethylene casings
  • Fully insulated cable clamps
  • Welding grade cables
  • Full in-house after-sales service

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